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Kiddie Kupboard?

January 2006

AJ's Loan Cupboard Presents Something New


For the past three years, AJ's Loan Cupboard has provided medical and palliative equipment as a free service to the residents of Medicine Hat and surrounding area.


Our motto continues:

"If you need it and we've got it you can use it"

 with no qualifying, at no cost and for as long as it's needed


An area that we would like to expand into is children's equipment and aids and therefore are pleased to announce the concept  of


AJ's Kiddie Kupboard


At this point in time, we request your input to determine what equipment would best serve the needs of children in the community.

We currently have a two small sized wheelchairs which are already out on loan. We are looking to purchase additional chairs but will also consider requests and recommendations for additional equipment.

Please feel free to pass this information along as well as contacting us for further details.  Contact us at


Jaqui Joys


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