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Types of Equipment

The  medical equipment we have on hand is continually changing because of

equipment being  loaned out, other items being returned after having been out

on loan, equipment being donated to us, and equipment we feel there is a

need for in Medicine Hat and surrounding area being purchased as a result

of money from gaming.  The  following gives an idea of the variety of equipment

we have.  A few smaller items are not included.  Any piece of equipment that

comes in off loan or is donated to us is first cleaned and then has a special

disinfectant applied to it. 


Phone  580-5580 to find out if we have a certain type of equipment you need. 


  • raised toilet seats

  • toilet safety frames  

  • flip-up safety rails

  • wheeled and stationary four-leg commodes  (for beside the bed or over a toilet) & pots

  • bath transfer benches  ( padded and unpadded)

  • bath/shower stools (with and without backs)

  • side bathtub safety grips

  • bathboards

  • bathtub lifts

  • safety wall bars (short and long)

  • hand shower massagers (new)

  • bath mats (new)

  • bed pans and urinals

Mobility Equipment

  • walker pouches

  • walkers (folding and non-folding, with 2 or 4 wheels & without wheels, heavier triangular with bigger wheels, others with seats, brakes, back support, etc.)

  • table-top walker

  • tilt/recliner geriatric chairs

  • wheelchairs (14” to 22”)

  • older motorized wheelchairs

  • wheelchair cushions

  • amputee board seats and cushions for wheelchairs

  • smaller child’s wheelchair     

  • scooters

  • carrier

  • canes (regular, adjustable, & quad)            

  • transfer boards

  • some lifts

  • super poles

  • adjustable metal arm crutches  and regular metal and wooden crutches

  • electric-lift lounge chairs     

  • upeasy power seat & Uplift Seat Assists (new)


  • Arcorails

  • under-mattress bed rails

  • bed rails to attach to frame of an ordinary single bed

    electric homecare beds (mainly new) with mattresses and with or without side rails

  • some trapeze bars for electric beds

  • a few electric beds with double mattresses but without side rails

  • geomats

  • tablemates

  • over-bed tables


  • reachers, heel supports, lumbar supports, etc.

  • nebulizers

  • Aircast Foam walkers

  • felt leg supports

  • Aircast Foam Walker (M)

  • felt leg supports © 2018  

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