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Why a Loan Cupboard?

When we made the decision for Alan to stay at home during the last stage of his life, certain medical equipment such as a hospital bed, bed table, bath chair, commode, walker, etc. was needed.   We were referred to Mr. Fred Kingsmill  of Kingsmill Department Store of London, Ontario.  Mr. Kingsmill's Masonic Lodge, had a program which provided equipment for palliative use - free of charge for as long as it was needed.  There was no qualifying, no forms, no delays and no cost.  As long as the equipment was available, it was delivered within days.

We discovered that the group welcomed cash donations, donation of new and used equipment from hospitals, nursing homes, etc., as well as from individual families who had items that were  no longer of any use to them.  This equipment was recycled through Kingsmill's. 

Alan and I were so touched and impressed by this program that on his death January 20, 2002, the Alan Joys Memorial Fund Society was established to provide a similar service in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and area. (Alan's home for a number of years)

AJ's Loan Cupboard, a non-profit, charitable society, began operating in 2002.  To date it has provided a much needed service by making available medical equipment, not only for palliative needs but also for long and short-term disabilities and illnesses.  As changes and cutbacks occur in health care, the family once again takes more responsibility for their loved ones.  AJ's has been the answer for many of these people.  As quickly as equipment goes out, other pieces are donated and so the circle of help continues.

                                             Jaqui Joys, wife of Alan Joys © 2018    

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